ARTIST IN RESIDENCE - Israel-The Musrara school

The Musrara School, established in 1987 is an art academy dedicated to multidisciplinary art that trains its students, during a three year program in the fields of Photography, New Media, Visual Communication, New Music and phototherapy through artistic and socially engaged creative action.

As a major centre of art studies in Israel Musrara is in constant search of innovative and new approaches in education and art. The Musrara school offers an alternative path that allows each student to grow and develop practical and conceptual skills following his passions and abilities.

Musrara initiates many community projects and recruits students to get involved in social engagement within the Musrara neighbourhood and the city of Jerusalem.

The Musrara Mix Festival is a multidisciplinary art festival that takes place in the Musrara neighbourhood each year and hosts artists from Israel and abroad in the Musrara art galleries and the public sphere. The festival celebrates a different artistic theme each year.

This year the Musrara school is hosting a residency program and invites artists from israel and abroad to stay in the fascinating surroundings of the Musrara neighbourhood and to focus on a project that relates to the link between art technology and society. The residency program will host a group of selected artists and will assist and guide them in the realisation of the project. Selected projects will be exhibited during the Musrara Mix festival that will take place in May of 2016.

The residency program invites artists and makers of all fields that take interest in Musrara, the Musrara neighbourhood and the city of Jerusalem and the link between art society and technology to apply for the program.

In order to apply you should :
1. Fill out an application form
2. send a portfolio and relevant links
3. Send a project proposal
4 Artist will be selected to take part in the residency program

The duration of the program is 1-2 months that can be realised between February to May 2016
The program participants be provided will professional and technical support according to the project proposal

Participants will gain a budget that covers
1. Artist honorarium
2. Production budget (covering materials, equipment and production requirements)
3. Facilities and services in Musrara (interaction lab, photography studios, sound studios esc)

Participants will be required to:
1. Stay during the residency period in Musrara for at least 2 days a week
2. Conclude the project proposal to be exhibited during the Musrara Mix festival
3. Conduct a lecture or workshop for the Musrara School students during their stay
4. Mention the Musrara residency program in future exhibitions of the project developed during the residency period.

deadline for applicants: 01/01/2016
Notice for selected applicants: 15/01/2016

Duration of the residency program: February - May

Musrara Mix festival: 24-26 May 2016

The program is supported by the Israeli National Lottery Association

This project

is being supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.