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A new European award for photographic students and young photographers
In 2013, The Federation of European Photographers, in collaboration with a number of Universities and Colleges, introduced a new photographic award for young photographers. The aim is to encourage and recognise the high standard of photographic image making taking place in Europe by final year University students and newly qualified young photographers.

2015 - FETA Third Edition
Call for Entries June 1st 2015 - Deadline September 30th 2015

Who can apply
The award is open to any final year student, studying photography on a 3 years degree or equivalent course “recognised” in that country by the government’s educational validation procedures or conforms to that countries’ educational validating procedures in which the institute, College or University is located. Applicants must be under 30 years of age in the year of submission.

Conditions to enter
- A portfolio of 9 images, together with the application form and the University Course Leader support statement, must be submitted through the FEP website.
- After the online submission, the FEP secretariat will send by email to the candidates the application form, to fill and send back, together with the proof of the support and the approval of their University/Institute course leader.
- A personal statement must be completed on the application form (in English) explaining the context/theme of the submitted portfolio.
- FETA has no “category”. Any subject is acceptable but they must “hang together” as a unified collection. It is also recommended that the images tell a story.
- Files must be sRGB JPEG, 4,000 pixels on the longest side and under 8MB

Application fee
An entry fee of 20,00 € per portfolio is required.

This project

is being supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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