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Special congratulations to our recent contest winners for launching their graphic design award on amazon. They continued using the same design team for an egg protein powder. Young Fresh was created to help local entrepreneurs use their photography and graphic design talent to launch businesses and help the local economy.

February Starts our Rose Toy Photography Contest

Here's the prompt for your photography:

Quick Question: Have you heard of the "Rose Toy?" I bet you're not the only one that has! Like you, I was curious to see what thousands of women were talking about on TikTok and what all the hype was about.

So, of course, like any inquisitive woman, I went searching for one. And I found it..

I had my doubts, of course. How could this toy be any different from the rest?

Before I continue, yes, I have tried many other adult toys before. I'm a 34-year-old woman, so what do you think? We've all used them. We just don't openly talk about it.

Sure, I've had toys that vibrate. I've had toys that suck. I even have toys that do both. I have a travel vibrator, and used a plug-in-the-wall wand. What's so special about the Secret Bouquet Rose Toy?

When it first arrived, the package was smaller than I thought it'd be. The actual Rose Toy? It fit in the palm of my hand.

This wasn't necessarily a warning sign. My travel vibrator is small and still provides a nice punch. But it also only has two speeds: On and off.

The Secret Bouquet Rose Toy claims to have 10 speeds. What?!

And it's true. I pressed that single button through all 10 rhythmic speeds.

But before I used it, I was a little worried about other articles claiming it might not be safe to use. Cosmo even has an article with a heading saying, "TikTok's obsessed with the rose, but is it safe? And worth the money?"

I mean, I didn't even think about its safety, until Cosmo put it in my head.

But rest assured. The company Secret Bouquet is apparently a family-run business based in the United States. That right there made me feel better, and the fact that they make their Rose Toy with a skin safe silica gel.

On top of that, they also claim that if their Rose Toy doesn't work, or even if I don't like it after using it, I can get a 100% refund without even having to send it back.

So naturally, I clicked the "Buy Now" button.

(Side note: The price wasn't even that bad compared to other adult toys.)

And with that, the Rose Toy showed up at my doorstep 2 days later.

Well, ladies, let me tell you…